Portugal 2020 – Conclusion

Goals, Activities and Expected Results

CADEINOR has completed an investment project supported by the FEDER under the Northern Regional Operational Program and the PORTUGAL 2020 PME Qualification and Internationalization Incentive Scheme.

With this internationalization project, CADEINOR has achieved its medium / long term strategic goals, such as the introduction in its portfolio of customized models to the needs of each client, the intensification of the internationalization of its activity and the diversification of foreign markets.

The internationalization model advocated was based on the maintenance of Cadeinor’s four main foreign markets and the penetration of two new European markets. To this end, it carried out the following types of actions or activities: web presence; international brand development and promotion; prospecting and presence in international markets; international marketing; introduction of new methods of organization; specific certifications for foreign markets.

The project has highlighted numerous impacts and contributions to the results of the OP and PORTUGAL 2020, regional competitiveness and territorial economic cohesion.