Transforming spaces is also transforming the dynamics of relations within the workplace, globalization has changed the corporate world and, in this sense, it is necessary to design according to the demands of an increasingly fluid business environment. For that, it invests in a constant innovation to be able to monitor trends wisely. We rely on relationships based on an informal ethics, always anticipating the needs of customers. We remain constructively dissatisfied, adopting a horizontal structure as the main source of energy, which ensures a constant innovation. Our ambition is to break away from the everyday routine of the human being. All these factors enabled to gain influence, not only in the domestic but also international market, as Spain, Ireland, France, Morocco, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, South Africa, and Swaziland. There are more than two decades of productivity, and we still believe that the company continues to grow in a sustained manner together with our customers and partners. The constant focus on materialization of current products, along with a bet on its own development, have been key elements in the definition of our identity.


Keeping up with the pace and fluidity of the Office furniture while context, proposing different types of products with high and rigorous standards of quality. For this, we insist on a multidisciplinary process that allows us to create products able to combine comfort with aesthetics, and quality with price.
"We know the risks of innovation, but are also aware of the importance for today's organizations."
– Manuel Marinho, CEO & Founder Cadeinor


Value innovation, the efficiency and comfort. We aim to build ethics and trust-based relationships, striving to anticipate the needs of our customers by satisfying them through products that can mirror our essence.


Understanding the fluid modernity we live, providing solutions capable of keeping up with the flood of the context in which we want to be inserted. We closely follow trends that affect the appearance of the products, assuming that this is the most appropriate attitude in the development of products that must be able to integrate the new personalities of spaces.
The ISO 14001 system certification is an international standard for an environmental quality management system. With this certification Cadeinor demonstrates a commitment with the environment, management of resources, thus reducing the overall costs, keeping a reputation associated with cleanliness and therefore becoming a preferred supplier for companies that give priority to environmentally friendly organizations.
The ISO 9001, a Quality System Certification, demonstrates a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction based on principles such as Focusing on customers, Leadership, People’s involvement, Process approach, Approach to management through a system, Continuous improvement, approach to decision making based on facts, Relationship with Suppliers with mutual benefits.
PME Excellence is awarded by IAPMEI and Turismo de Portugal in partnership with 10 banks operating in Portugal and also, warrantee societies. The status is a reputation seal that distinguishes companies, being a fair recognition of merit and contribution to the results of the economy enabling them to relate to the surroundings, from suppliers, customers, financial system and national and regional authorities.
The PME Líder is a reputation seal for companies, created by IAPMEI to distinguish the merits of national SMES with higher performances. PME Líder status constitutes a business qualification mechanism that signals the merit of the best national SMES using a set of skills as better access to products and a network of services, the facilitation of the relationships with the banks and a certificate of quality about the relationship of the companies with the market.